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External Dimensions (length x width x height)

18 ¼ x 9 x 10 ¾ inches. Indoor use only.

Our Greyhound Urn beautifully reflects this sweet, mild-natured and loving companion. A perfect resting place and memorial for your much loved pet.

Graceful and elegant, greyhounds have a gentle and friendly nature toward people and other dogs which inspires boundless love from those who share their homes. They are loyal and affectionate to all in the family and, despite their lightning speed, once exercised their favourite pastime is snuggling into their cosiest blanket. Our Greyhound Urn will help you remember your beloved greyhound every day with dignity and love.

Complete with our Memory Capsule to safely store a photo and small mementos such as a collar tag or lock of hair.

These lovely Greyhound figurine urns are cast in resin from original sculptures commissioned exclusively for Petributes by local artists.

This Greyhound Urn has a hollow interior that will hold the whole of your pet's ashes. Remove the Memory Capsule from the base of the Greyhound Urn to access the ashes compartment

Greyhound Urn